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 POOF! [meeting D] happened just as Kristen said! I have a new man in my life who is consciously listening and willing to dance with me both in reality and figuratively.

- Karen -

Why Do You Need A Relationship & Love Coach?

Coaching often gets you results quicker and more efficiently than doing it on your own. Here are my most common focuses with clients.

Business & Career Attract the clients you love and be compensated handsomely for it. Coaching helps you stand in your worth and ask for it with grace. So you can serve freely. 

Love Relationships Call in your ideal relationship without wasting your time on bad dates and dating apps. Then, keep your love everlasting. Coaching helps you integrate to your best self and discover the most effective next steps to nurture a love bigger than your couple alone.

Overall Happiness Want to feel the carefree optimism of your 20's? Coaching can identify the struggles worth overcoming and an attainable vision to feel energetic and upbeat again.

Who does Kristen Today help? 

Here's what a few of my amazing clients have said.

"I have a deep, abiding love and respect for Kristen, her intuition, her widsom and her way of connecting with me.... because POOF! [meeting D] happened just as she said! I have a new man in my life who is consciously listening and willing to dance with me both in reality and figuratively. He even made a special playlist called Dancing with Karen."

Karen D. - Business Owner

"After our first coaching session, Kristen left me with one simple but life-changing shift to make: be more available... When that attractive man I'd met earlier that morning messaged me to chat again, I decided what did I have to lose by being available for a conversation. Five and a half hours later we were saying good night and making plans to reconnect the next day.  

She has since helped me uncover other beliefs and behaviors to bring into better alignment with what I want in a lot of different types of relationships. She is very intuitive and supportive... and makes me feel like she is nurturing me along my path and growth in an encouraging and loving way. Even when I have felt like I screwed something...  

I am really confident and comfortable in this new relationship in a way I have never experienced before. And as my new sweetheart puts it, 'Babe, we have such a beautiful love story.'"

Corrie T. - Business Owner

"Kristen is a gifted intuitive that has followed her calling, in reminding women to hold their feminine power while remembering to celebrate the divine masculine within themselves and in our male counterparts. Her approach is very down-to-earth and thoughtful in the way that she crafts her advice for ‘being’ in relationship with another, and more importantly with oneself."

Khania C. - Creative Director

"Kristen works with and is very fluent in astrological principles, and she also is super open, positive, and encouraging. If you’re in a tough spot or even looking to give shape to some next steps you want to take in your life, she can be really responsive and great for that."

Bridget D. - Artist

"I've been working through lingering relationship issues from the past but also how to best navigate this new world of dating. Kristen is really intuitive and always seems to pick up on my body language or sound of my voice to inform the conversation. I like the way she gives practical, reasonable ideas. I now believe I can find a love partner I really want. And while I haven't quite found him yet, I am happy to announce I asked a client for a raise nearly double my current rate. And, I got it! I completely believe it's related to the work with Kristen."

Blaire B. - Sr. Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Kristen!

My professional career started as a choreographer and business administrator for nonprofits and creative design firms. I wanted to help bring tolerance and understanding among people through the arts. 

After a existential crisis (what some would call a spiritual awakenning), I began coaching that integrated the healing arts. 

My clients love my presence and energetic sensitivity. They also appreciate the fresh insights I offer, the practical opportunities I reflect, and the results they achieve.  

I love empowering influencers to spread their good into the world. Whether, it's finding true love in under 3 months or doubling your business income in 6 months, I am eager to see what kind of results I can help you get. The world needs more of you. <3

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